Crying Room…
Why is it that we only find comfort in the smallest things after we have seen things that we cant forget?
Once upon a time, a girl sickened with cancer went seeking for answers in a church, where she broke down and started crying. A priest came and sat down beside her and said: ” I saw you crying. And i wanted to tell you that in some of our churches during mass, the babies would cry, cry so loud that we couldnt go on with the service, and so we would have a room for them where their mothers could take them and they would spend mass there. It was called the crying room.”
So the girl asked the priest: ” So where’s this crying room, Father? Take me there.”
The priest made a sign of the cross on her and said: ” You carry it with you wherever you go, my child. That’s the mark of the afflicted. We all go insde. The question is, do we leave there? Do we remain there? Who do we drag in there with us?”
At some point in our lives, we are gulity of dragging people whom we love, who loves us into that crying room with us. The only question is that how long do we make them stay with us? We cant demand or ask them to stay with us in that crying room, the only way is for us to take that step out of the room.